Hey there!

We're Vicki & Helen the V&H behind V&H Wedding Photography. We've been best friends for over 15 years, housemates for

8 and shooting together for the past 6. We have a passion for relaxed natural photography that holds real emotion. We want your wedding gallery to capture the complete story of your day so you can re-live and share every moment each time you look back at it.

We love photography, pizza, Buffy the vampire slayer and Weddings! so if you are planning a Buffy themed, Italian catered big day we are 100% there (possibly in costume) we are also terrible at being in front of the camera ourselves so 1. we know exactly how you feel! and 2. the below photo booth photos are the only recent images we have of the two of us.

We also love music photography so if we are not shooting weddings you'll find us either in a field at a festival, at a massive arena or most commonly at a local gig taking photos of bands hoping to grab one of those elusive jump shots! 

You can check some of our other work out here and here

Our number one piece of feedback from the people we have worked with is that we make everything more relaxed, fun and enjoyable than they ever expected which is always our aim. If your wedding day! you should feel totally at ease.

All of our wedding packages include both of us photographing as a team. We love working together and we feel it really works well letting us capture more of your day.

Anyway! that's enough about us, let hear a little about you and all the plans you have for your big day. Click to Contact us or just drop us and email info@vandhphotography.com or drop us a message or call 07809 123890 with absolutely any questions you have.

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