Magda and Daniel | South London Wedding | Rose Pub New Cross | 8th September 2018

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Magda and Daniel

South London

8th September 2018

Wedding Day

Things I absolutely loved! about Magda and Daniel’s wedding

Their arrival together to the ceremony then waiting inside the registry office peering out the window at all the guests arriving. They got to share that nervous energy/excitement stage TOGETHER and it was so lovely to watch

They also walked down the aisle together and it was BEAUTIFUL

The fact that they didn’t have and didn’t want a timeline for their day. Some people might be slightly scared by that but no timeline means no stressing about whether something is happening late! Literally going with the flow

The amazing vegan carrot cake made by a friend, absolutely as delicious as it looked

Me getting to drive Magda’s parents to the reception in the back of my mini (looks out for future blogs where we fit a couple of newlyweds in there as well)

The speeches which made me cry about 20 times, so many amazing words from friends and families. I really felt like I was hearing something special

The PIZZA’s! So many amazing fresh pizzas just one after the other, laughing as everyone realised they had stuck a load of hot cheese straight into their mouths…

The amazing Post Rock Band VLMV

The amount of time people made sure I had enough to eat or drink and made me feel a part of it all

All the dancing but especially Magda dancing with her Mum :)

The pile of people on the floor

The hugs goodbye

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Southwark Registry Office Peckham

Rose Pub New Cross

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